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Covid-19…now what?

Snake River School District #52 Covid Update

Dear Parents, Students, Guardians and Patrons,

I can assure you after our Administrative Council meeting January 18, we are fully committed to keeping our schools and activities up and running. We understand the importance of educating your children face to face. We had all hoped that the Covid 19 Pandemic had subsided and we could return to our normal day to day operations. The recent wave of the Omicron variant on the east coast showed us how quickly the numbers jumped and recently dropped. Rural and western United States appears to be in the beginning of our surge.

For your information we track student and staff infections rate daily. While student data is valuable it’s staff absences that dictate our ability to remain open and fully functioning.

Covid has been extremely taxing on everyone. Remember our teachers and staff deal with this added stress too. As the chart below shows, we had success in mitigating Covid early in the year. We started in August with concerns in a single concentrated school and registered 10 positive staff cases district wide. September through December we had 7 positive covid cases combined. As of today we’ve had 19 positive staff cases and an increase of symptoms and exposure in January alone. This upward spike gives us cause to be concerned.

Our Covid Protocols allows us to close schools individually as needed or district wide if necessary. It is my hope that neither is necessary. Adequate staffing is the primary factor that determines our open or remote education status.

Our community can help. We are desperate for additional classroom substitutes, kitchen help and bus drivers (passenger CDL required). Please call the district office (208) 684-3001 if you’re willing to help us in any capacity.  Additionally, we need your continued support in monitoring your children closely for symptoms and keeping them home when they are sick.

Mark Kress
Superintendent of Schools
Snake River School District #52

Annual Agreement Information

To use district technology, all Students and a Parent/Guardian must each read and sign a Responsible Use Policy (RUP) form each year.

Students who wish to participate may be assigned a Chromebook for use at school and home.  Students must also read and sign the 1:1 initiative form agreeing to the terms, usage, and care of the assigned Chromebook Device. This is in addition to the RUP for students.

We have contacted a 3rd party for those who may be interested in subscribing to optional device insurance coverage. Low cost per year, no deductible, covers accidental breakage, loss, or theft 100%.  This is NOT required. If interested, email for more information.

Click here for the RUP and 1:1 forms

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Snake River S.D. #52 Parent Survey

This survey is designed to gather general information about what you, as parents and guardians, think and feel about your students’ school and your relationship with the school. The information from this survey is very important to the schools in setting its goals and direction for the future.

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