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Special Board Meeting Notice 11/30/21

Covid-19…now what?

Much of our success in keeping students in school last year was based on families keeping children at home and staff staying home if they were sick or displaying symptoms.  Recently we have seen cases of Covid-19 returning to our communities.  The best way to keep schools open is for families to keep children home if they are ill or displaying any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, lack of taste or smell, etc.  

Thank you, Mr. Kress

Annual Agreement Information

To use district technology, all Students and a Parent/Guardian must each read and sign a Responsible Use Policy (RUP) form each year.

Students who wish to participate may be assigned a Chromebook for use at school and home.  Students must also read and sign the 1:1 initiative form agreeing to the terms, usage, and care of the assigned Chromebook Device. This is in addition to the RUP for students.

We have contacted a 3rd party for those who may be interested in subscribing to optional device insurance coverage. Low cost per year, no deductible, covers accidental breakage, loss, or theft 100%.  This is NOT required. If interested, email for more information.

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Snake River High School Graduation

May 26, 2021